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The Reward The Reward

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best movie.
Best movie on Newgrounds.
Best movie on Newgrounds since NG's inception.

Truly epic, there are so many little details that you have to watch this one over several times, and you will WANT to. Very much. As far as short NG features go, this movie has it all. Comedy, character development, action, and it instills a sense of wonder in the viewer. It makes a strong case for "the joy is in the journey" philosophy.

Well played...Well played.

SunCreatureStudio responds:

You are great! Thank you so much! Once again, please share or support the Kickstarter so we can make it into a series (3 days left and 76% funded!) :)

A Hellbenders Christmas A Hellbenders Christmas

Rated 5 / 5 stars

While I find many Newgrounds submissions to be very funny, it's rare that I laugh out loud and have to watch a movie twice because I was laughing so hard the first time.
This is amazing.
Thank you.

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Nyan Caxx Nyan Caxx

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It held my interest the entire time. Fantastic visuals and story.

Loved it.

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Milk of the Manwhore Milk of the Manwhore

Rated 5 / 5 stars

More Appropriate Title: Epic Manwhore Shinanigans

OK, where to begin. Despite the technical skills on display (top notch as always,) this flash is downright incredible.

It is increasingly obvious that the Fernando character is extremely versatile. I don't remember you portraying him as so mind-blowing in the earliest flashes where he makes an appearance. The joke was still a extremely amusing in Pleasure Island 3, but here it feels better than ever.

Your humor, though relying on a wide array of jokes/situations, still has a way of coming across as worthy of a large-budget film script. Your flashes usually have tons of off-beat and unexpected twists that can make them hilarious. Your Captain Planet flashes still make me laugh until I vomit even though I know the jokes. I can admit that I feel the same about MofMH; there is so much humor in it all the time. It is extremely obvious what the comic jam is. Whatever it is you should ALWAYS use it as the basis for making a flash again. The story is concise, well-paced, and completely synchronized with the rest of the story arch. The plot elements are joined together in a cohesive way. Appearances of characters are unexplained, with no rhyme or reason as to why they are present or what they are doing; and I LOVE every second of it. The only joke that made me laugh hard enough to trigger a bowel movement is the elastic nipple, but that just kind of turns me on as well. To be succinct, MotMH is my new religion.

Today this flash is rated at 4.47. If submitted by any other artist, it would be a >9,000 at worst. At least 2.0 of those points are due to the man trying to keep you down, and another 1.0 are because of the yogurt. Nobody could have done better than this. Please make this a recurring series. Get completely drunk from this well again. Or more appropriately, continue to share the inner workings of your genius mind with the world.

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Sexual-Lobster responds:

wow this review is almost as good as the one 4 down!

:Exile Vilify (Portal 2): :Exile Vilify (Portal 2):

Rated 5 / 5 stars


And I'm not talking about Ratman. Excellent story/plot/visuals/everything.

Rampaging Boss Rampaging Boss

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty funny

I laughed when the second guy gets caught sleeping and then suddenly he is running too.

I think the only thing that you might consider is more variety in the scenes. It's ok to show them doing a lot of running, but maybe animate some different angles. And be careful with the large use of the "chibi" look. It seems like (whether this is actually true or not) it is not very interesting if used for more than a few seconds.

Good energetic song.

Otherwise, very talented. You have a lot to offer NG. Keep it up.

The Retail Experience The Retail Experience

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty much perfect.

I used to work at a Grocery store and OMG I would be sent to "the back" 40 times a day looking for obscure kinds of beer. I wore a pedometer and once took 10,000 steps in a 4 hour shift.

Good animation, interesting and easy to enjoy.

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Pokemon But With Animals2 Pokemon But With Animals2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Winfinitely funny

Thank you for this. Sooooooo good and so hilarious every time!!

SS - Keys of our Past SS - Keys of our Past

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Critical Thinkers Beware...

The double helix image in the cave that was drawn by the tribe near Timbuktu is clearly them tracking the movement of Sirius B around Sirius A. This alone suggests that they had an idea of how long it took Sirius B to move slightly, and therefore to make some accurate predictions as to the amount of time it would take for an entire orbit... But you clearly state that this is impossible and far too accurate for them to have known. (people never seem to give ancient society any credit when it comes to stargazing)

What we have here is free association of facts and something called "confirmation bias." This is where you aren't sure why something happens and you think "hey what if this is the reason why" and then you only acknowledge facts or interpret them to meet your pre-determined reason.

I'm a humanist, so if spirit science makes you happy, please continue. It looks like you don't really want the most accurate explanation of the universe around you. But hey, at least I stood up and politely let you know your reasoning is riddled with holes and bias. With some work, you could make your arguments much more compelling.

"Heart Broke" "Heart Broke"

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I enjoy claymation, but I'm tired of this whole scenario where the new boyfriend always gets beat up. If there is going to be any meaningful violence (which this movie may not have) it should be towards the girl.

Good choice of music BTW.